Capacity Building for Civil Society in Namibia

Build project management capacity for the NANGOF Trust, Namibia’s civil society coordinating body. This work included evaluating the log frames and project documents for a large EU support programme. In coordination with existing staff I have developed Programme Estimate (PE) work plans cross referenced to an EDF9 project log frame. I have improved NANGOF trust reporting on its main EU grant and implemented monitoring and evaluation programme based on log frame indicators. Train staff monitoring and evaluation. The project will be completed in May 2011.

Situation Analysis of Children and Adolescents in Namibia: 2001 -- 2010

Principal author for Namibia’s second situation analysis for children. Report covered legal and institutional frameworks to protect children. Analysis of health care services, education, social protection and child welfare activities indicated areas of progress and identified gaps in service delivery. Published in December 2010 with Presidential approval. A link will be provided once the document appears on the web.

Fourth National Strategic Framework (NSF) for Namibia’s Response to HIV and AIDS

Part of a team of consultants to develop a five year framework to meet the challenges of the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Namibia has had some success in this effort, but it still remains one of the most affected countries in the world. The team is introducing a results based management (RBM) framework with evidence based planning. Completed National Strategic Framework, National, Regional and Sectoral Operational Plans for the period 2010 to 2015. The NSF received final approval by the Namibian Cabinet in early 2011.

Namibia States Party Periodic Report on the Convention of the Rights of the Child and two optional Protocols, 2008 -- 2009

Conducted consultative interviews and workshops with stakeholders across Namibia on issues relating to children. Drafted document that incorporates first second and third periodic reports on Namibia's progress to implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Two Optional Protocols. Project approved by Namibian Cabinet and submitted to the UN High Commission on Human Rights in October 2009.

Consultant to the Namibian Parliament on investigations into a motion on the modernization of property rights in Namibia's communal areas

Provided assistance the Standing Committee on Economics, Natural Resources and Public Administration of the Namibian Parliament on a motion to modernize property rights in Namibia's communal areas. Drafted synopsis of study visits by the Committee to Botswana, Mozambique and Tanzania. Carried out preliminary consultations with Namibian stakeholders and drafted and analysis on the efficacy of an initiative in Namibia.

Economic Considerations of Namibia's Long Haul Trucking Operators. Walvis Bay Corridor Group report on a One Stop Border Post Operation between Namibia and Botswana, 2008

Key informant interviews to determine economic considerations for transport and haulage industry on the effects of a one-stop border posts along the Trans Kalahari Highway. Both large scale trucking firms and independent owner-operators were consulted for this study.

Conservancies in Western Namibia: A Case Study in Legal Empowerment. High Level Commission on Legal Empowerment for the Poor

Examined issues of legal empowerment among conservancies in the Erongo region. Discussed issues within a larger context of skills transfer, examining the evolving legal needs of local communities. This project was a follow-up to a broader study on legal empowerment in Namibia also carried out for the High Level Commission: Investing in Rights: Lessons from Rural Namibia, an Overview of land and rights reform in Namibia since 1990.

Programme Manager, Namibia Trade and Poverty Programme, 2005 -- 2008

Managed N$ 3.8 million programme to foster policy interventions and research on trade issues with a pro-poor agenda. Developed and implemented 26 projects with state and non-state actors. Thematic areas included: capacity building, institutional analysis, basic research and policy analysis on trade related issues. Drafted contracts for programme activities with different service providers. Provided assistance in project implementation and management to service providers when required. Conducted basic monitoring and evaluation for all projects. Prepared agendas minutes and reports for evaluation by different boards. A project management committee met monthly and a project steering committee met quarterly. Prepared annual reports of activities for the project donor, DfID. Maintained regular liaison with project accountants and scheduled audits and financial statements.

Land Reform from Below

The Programme in Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) at the University of the Western Cape, is the center of this project. It examines the way in which, and the success, or lack thereof, of land reforms that are devolved to rural dwellers. In Namibia this project examines government efforts to provide formal recognition to land rights obtained under customary tenure regimes.


Tech/Na is a program run by the Namibian Government to put ICTs and Internet connectivity in all our schools. I participate in this program as the chairman of the NETSS Center Advisory Board. NETSS is the Namibian Educational Technology Service and Support Centre. It is the agency tasked with the delivery and follow-up service of ICTs to schools. I participate in Tech/Na through my involvement in the management of the .NA ccTLD.