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Random Thoughts

First, and update on the tomatoes. They are thriving. Have had one scare with frost, but otherwise I now have more tomatoes than We can handle. Not one sighting of a red spider mite ..... yet.

Second, had to get a lock repaired the other day. It’s a lock on the security gate which means the whole assembly has to be cut out with a torch, replaced then welded back in. When you call a locksmith, they can’t do it because they don’t do torches, when you call a welder, they don’t do locks. You can sense the frustration. In desperation, after a morning of calls, visits to hardware stores, anywhere, my last stop was a lock and security shop in our most trendy mall. The guy behind the counter was polite while I told him my tale of woe, then he reached back to a container, pulled out a card and sais, “Give Jimi a call. he comes out to your house right away.”

Back home, I expected another polite brush off from Jimi, but he took my details and came over. To make the story short, the lock is now fixed. Just another case of two merchants getting together to give each other some business once in a while. Later that night it hit me. Jimi is black, he lives in Old Katutura, in what is the old Herero Location. The guy at the shop is a young white Afrikaans speaking boy, and judging from the people working there, it’s pretty much a family operation. Sure, its not a trend, but it is interesting. Economics, the need to make a buck, has at least in this instance, crossed some divides we once felt unsurmountable.