For the past 30 years I have carried out research on Namibian society. During that time the country has gone from South West Africa to a Republic formed out of Africa’s last colony. In the past year Namibia became an upper middle income country. We are members of SADC and SACU. Over the past 20 years the country has seen major successes and some failures. According to recent national data, between 1993 and 2003 poverty in Namibia decreased from 39.8% of households to 27.6% of households. A recent review of the economy by the IMF predicts a return to economic growth in 2010. The mining sector, lead by the opening of new uranium mines, is strong. Major improvements were accomplished to bring basic services such as clean water, education, roads, electricity, telecommunication and health care to our people. There are still problems. Like many countries in Africa there are great disparities in wealth. Some of have lives comparable to Switzerland, the majority scrape along at just over the World Bank’s poverty threshold of $1 US Dollar a day. The official unemployment rate is just over 50%. The main issues now focus on the quality of services. Namibians demand a lot, we are not content to have second class schools, hospitals and infrastructure. We want to continue the journey from a former colony into a developed country.

I have developed and implemented national level statistical surveys with the use of SPSS and data processing protocols. Conducted rapid rural appraisals, and used non-parametric techniques. Large scale project management includes Namibia Trade and Poverty Programme, Southern and Eastern Policy Research Network, Demographic and Health Survey 2000, and the National Levels of Living Survey 1997. Administrative experience as programme leader in Rural Development at Namibia Economic Policy Research Unit, and as head of Social Sciences Division at the University of Namibia.

Linguistic skills: native English speaker, very good Damara/Nama speaking and writing, beginning Oshikwanyama speaking and beginning Afrikaans reading. Namibian citizen. Familiarity with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, and associated software. Knowledge of basic network setup and maintenance as well as underlying Internet protocols.